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Things to do in Fiji: Check our On-Site & Near-By Activities

On-Site Activities

Ocean Swim-Snorkel-Kayak-Beachcomb

World Class Snorkeling & Swimming Lagoons. New seashells floating in with every tide. Two single kayaks are here for you to explore nearby islands, islets and beaches.

Order Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

From our delicious Indo-Fijian Cuisine menu and we'll deliver it Fresh and Hot to you.

Cooking Class

Learn to cook your favorite Fijian or Hindi Food. Our resident chef will be happy to show you how it's done and let you in on some of her secrets.

Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos, known as Mindhi in Hindi, are temporary. Customize your own design on hands or feet!

Stay in touch - if you must!

We have good internet here. And it's free! (Excess data charges may apply)

Bush Walk Our Nature Trails

Explore SigaSiga's 99 acres / 40 hectares of unspoiled, pristine upland paradise. Birdwatch, eat wild fruit, discover beautiful native flora and fauna. Walk faster or run along the creeks and over the trails and call it exercise!


Savusavu is the coconut (copra) capital of Fiji. SigaSiga has hundreds of coconut palms. Our Resident Staff makes coconut milk, oil, chutney, brooms, mats and snacks all from "The Tree of Life". Learn how you could survive on a deserted isle.

Relax and Ponder

One of our favorite "activities" is to relax on the veranda or beach, marvel at the beauty and watch the world go by... or not. Guess it depends on your state of mind.

BBQ on the Gas Grill

Carnivores love the local open-range non-growth-hormone meats home grown right here in Savusavu. There's 3 meat makets in town offering a nice variety for the "Q".


Relax on a lounge and count the shooting stars. The night sky here is truly awesome! The southern hemisphere is far cleaner than the north where most people on the planet live. Along with very little light pollution in the area, you are likely to mistake the Milky Way for white clouds!


Volleyball, Badmitton, Frisbee, Crochet, Biking, Kite Flying... Lots of flat, trimmed grass area to play on. All the toys are here! 2 single Kayaks offer high tide adventure for free.

Beachside Bon Fire

We keep a fresh stock of firewood and will light it for you. Bring the marshmellows and let the story telling begin!

Be Pampered

Our Resident Massage Therapist is here for you! Foot Soaks, Banana Wraps, and much more. Whatever the Resorts offer, enjoy them here for a fraction of the price with the same awesome pleasure & results. Reflexology (PDF) too!

Near-By Activities

Rent a Car

There are several rental car agencies including James Car Rentals, Northpole Rentals, Avis and Budget. They offer a great variety of mostly 4WD cars. We recommend supporting our local businesses. Get contacts here (PDF).

Go Fishing

Fishing in the South Seas is phenomenol! Not only are the fish extra tasty due to the super rich, clean waters, but the crew is super friendly and makes your outing that much more fun.
There are Charters ( available in town or from Koro Sun and Cousteau Resorts. Ask around at the Copra Shed/Yacht Club in town or check out the boats at the 3 jetties. Please note that the reef/lagoon in front of SigaSiga is a Marine Reserve. A fishing charter for 1-4 people for 4-5 hours is around 750 FJ$ (Ref. July 2017).

Happy Hour, Fijian Meke Dance & Lovo Dinner

The Meke (pronounced may-kay) is a marvelous, fun, musical dance celebration full of energy and song performed by all ages from the local Fijian Village. A great buffet lovo dinner, exotic salads and veggies. Check nearby Koro Sun Resort for the Meke schedule (Tel: 885-0262). Visitors are always welcome. They've got a great bar and a Fijian band ready to share a huge Kava Bowl of grog with you. Reservations required 1-2 days adv..

KokoMana Cocoa Farming Tours

Beautiful and educational tour of farm followed with chocolate tasting and shop. See brochure (PDF) for more information.

Go Sailing

Savusavu Bay is one of the biggest in the south pacific and the scenery is, of course, spectacular! Call Hi C's (PDF) or Skabenga Charters (PDF) and schedule your adventure today!

Dolphins & Pizza

What a combo! Not together maybe but one after the other. La Dolce Vita offers a lovely snorkel trip & hosts lunch (PDF) with the best pizza in the South Seas cooked fresh in their Italian style brick oven. Book 1-2 days in advance.

Adventure Tours

Get invigorated with Hiking Tours to Villages, Hot Springs & Waterfalls, Paddle Boarding, and more. Click here for details: Naveria Adventures (PDF). When you're looking to get or remain fit, Sharon will see that you're never blamed for being lazy on (all) this vacation :-) If brisk walks aren't your "thing" perhaps River Tubing is more your speed? You can do it! (seasonally) Also, Rafa's Adventures offers a great snorkeling, nature walk and Fijian lovo lunch tour on a nearby island.

World Class Scuba Diving

If you like going down, don't miss the awesome world class scuba diving available practically next door on either side of us! SigaSiga transfers are included!

Koro Sun Dive Tours: Excellent dive operator based at nearby Savasi Island (Website), Includes transfers, Phone 885-2452
Dive4Life: Includes transfers, Phone 296-1361
Cousteau Resort: La'Adventure, Phone 885-0694

Learn to FREE DIVE

We at LIQUIDSTATE FREEDIVING Fiji are driven by a passion for freediving and we want to share that passion with you. Freediving is a positive, life changing and empowering experience.

Trip to Labasa

Take a 90 min trip by car over the island & see what "the other side" looks and lives like. There's the Hindu "Snake Temple", Sugar Mill, Pine forests & Sugar Cane fields. This is the only other town on the island.

Catch a Bus

Cruise with the locals, make all the friends you can handle. About FJ$ 1.60 from SigaSiga to Savusavu Town or FJ$ 10 to Labasa the other side of the island.

Cruise a Taxi

Savusavu Taxis are punctual, friendly and affordable! There's plenty of nice cars. Enjoy a chauffeur driven cruise most anywhere on this large island. There are waterfalls, village tours, ferry rides, resorts to visit, and more.

Cross-Island Tour to Labasa

Get to know the other side of the island and this island's largest town, which is not very big ;-) See brochure (PDF) for more information.

Let's Eat

There are many "Mom & Pop" eateries in town to explore. Our favorite restaurants are Captain's Café and Captain's Table at the Copra Shed and Surf-n-Turf in the Waterfront Building (seaside at north end of town), Sugarlicious Restaurant and Bakery (behind BSP Bank), Grace Road Kitchen (next to Sea Lovers Deli and Wine Shop). Other "local" favorites are  Country Kitchen and Taste of Hidden Paradise.

Go Shopping

Savusavu's a small town but has most everything you'll need. Most shop hours: 08:30-17:00 / 8:30am-5pm) Mon-Sat.  Besides the various "supermarkets", the open "Market" offers the best selection of fruits/veggies/fresh fish/kava/spices and more. It's biggest on Saturdays but keep in mind it and most shops close early. (13:00 / 1pm) The Handicraft Center is located in the Market as well. MH Premium supermarket and neighboring Savusavu Wine Market have the best variety of other groceries and gourmet goodies. Sorry, no shopping malls yet!

Koro Sun Resort

Only 3km/1.8mi from SigaSiga, Our guests are always welcome. They have kayaks, tennis, bicycles, child care for hire. If you order lunch, you can enjoy their swimming pools. Their Lovo Buffet with the Meke dance is great!

Oceania Spa

The Oceania Beauty and Massage Spa is located at Waterfront building in Savusavu Town. Click here to view services and prices (PDF)

Please note:

Some activities seasonal.
Subject to change without notice.
Contact us for updates on activities that are important to you.
Additional fees may apply.