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FAQs - without the Q

ATMs & Banks

There is always a bank open for your international arrival at Nadi International Airport (NAD). Look for one in the baggage claim area as well as just outside customs. We recommend you exchange some money there on arrival. You will find 3 banks in Savusavu that all have 24 hour ATMs. Bring your passport with you for Credit Card Cash Advances. We also recommend you call your Credit Card issuer prior to departure and inform them of your travel dates. This will help you avoid security locks on your card due to their strict security protocols. You may also wish to set up a PIN number so you can use the ATM for cash advances.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund up to 30 days prior to arrival, 50% Refund up to 15 days prior. No refund 14 days or less prior to arrival.

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in time: 16:00 (4pm). Negotiable when there's no check-out the same day. Check-out time: 10:00 (10am). Negotiable when there's no check-in the same day.


See "Weather" below

Directions to SigaSiga from Labasa and Savusavu

From Labasa Airport, you'll be driving through Savusavu to reach SigaSiga Sands. So these directions from LBS will get you here too ;-)
Regarding Taxis: If the driver does not know where SigaSiga is, best to find someone who does. Any Savusavu driver knows; or you don't want to use them. They may get lost. heehee There's only one practical route to go between Labasa and Savusavu. From the Labasa airport, driving the posted speed limit, it's about 75 minutes drive over decent tar-sealed two lane road to traverse the island to Savusavu town. It's another 5 minutes to Savusavu (SVU) airport. Then 10 minutes along the scenic Hibiscus Highway to SigaSiga Sands.
As you're approaching Savusavu town, you will notice some houses and civilization. You'll pass the football stadium on your right, then the police station on your left opposite the Savusavu Marina. As you approach town at the main "T" junction, you'll see the two story yellow "COURTS" Dept Store building on the left corner and a gas station on the far left corner. Turn left at the junction. You are now on the Hibiscus Highway, also known as Buca Bay Road (pronounced "Bootha Bay Road") Don't expect to find any street signs except for "Airport" at the junction. In 5 minutes / 4km you'll be passing the Savusavu Airport on your right. Keep going past the airport until you get to "mile marker" 11.3. These are small, white concrete posts with the numbers measuring the distance (in kilometers) from town. Yes, that's right. They call the posts that count kilometers "Mile Markers". Haha! As you approach Mile Marker 11.3, you'll see two bright yellow signs on the right/ocean side of the road identifying SigaSiga Sands. There is a lot of colorful flowers and palm trees lining the highway. Turn right and follow the signs to Reception. Welcome!


Fiji's power runs at 220-240V/50 cycles. We have adaptor plugs. So fitting your plugs into our wall sockets is no problem. Mobile devices and portable computers normally have built in inverters to handle 110-240V. We have hairdryers here. For other small appliances such as curling irons and shavers, you should check the fine print that is usually molded into the body of the device to see if it can handle the full range of power.


Taking the Ferry is not recommended when connecting with other schedules. Fiji Ferries do not travel on strict, dependable schedules. Their websites are typically not up-to-date. There are currently 3 options and these are subject to change without notice.

From Viti Levu (the main island)
  • Ferry 1 - Lautoka (north of Nadi Airport) to Savusavu: Approx 16 hours.
  • Ferry 2 - Walu Bay, Suva to Savusavu: Approx 13 hours. They usually board in late afternoon, sail all night, and arrive early morning. So there's not much daylight to enjoy the scenery. If you do take the ferry, we recommend you book a cabin or other preferred VIP seating. The cost is about FJ$50 per person in a the main galley. Cabins with private toilet are approx. FJ$150-200 for 2 passengers with bunk beds. Both areas are air conditioned. The cabins can be quite cold with no individual AC control.
  • Ferry 3 - Natovi to Nabouwalu: 3 to 4 hours on ferry plus 2-3 hours bus ride on each end of the ferry Journey.
From Taveuni
  • Tickets can be purchased most anytime prior to departure with the exception of holidays when demand is very high. Just ask around. Virtually everyone knows about the ferry services and offices. Ferries run daily all year long between Taveuni and Natuvu,Vanua Levu (east about 1 hour 45 min drive from Sigasiga). Only bad weather or mechanical problems (heaven forbid ;-)) would stall either of the two ferries that make this run daily. The Natuvu wharf in Buca Bay is at the east end of our island, Vanua Levu. The approx FJ$ 20/pp. fare is the one-way fare that includes the float and bus ride. We have a bus shelter at Sigasiga Sands. The special bus that goes to Natuvu passes by here about 7:00 from Savusavu to Taveuni. On the way back to Savusavu, the bus from Natuvu arrives at SigaSiga around 11:00. It's easy to find/buy your tickets in Savusavu town. Upon arrival to the main entrance of Sigasiga Sands, we will be looking for you. Follow our interior road around to the right to the Office. Our staff will be happy to help you with your bags. The resident staff is the green house about 200ft or 60m on the left as you come in. They are usually working around the hotel compound, the area where our 4 cottages are located.

Tickets can be purchased most anytime prior to departure with the exception of holidays when demand is very high. Just ask around. Virtually everyone knows about the ferry services and offices.


For fishing charters, only the Searov cabin cruiser from the Cousteau Resort is available as of this writing (July 2015).
As far as fishing around SigaSiga, this section of coastline is part of a Marine Reserve that runs from Devodara to Namale. However, you may still witness some natives who will fish and gather from the sea. Qoliqoli (pronounced go-lee go-lee) rights have to do with the native reef and fishing rights. These traditional ‘laws’ have been part of Fijians’ tradition and culture for hundreds if not thousands of years. The qoliqoli rights more or less run adjacent to the land they border. How these areas are defined may vary depending on various aspects of the complex chiefly system.
We humbly ask for your cooperation by not fishing or spearfishing in this area. The large lagoon in front of SigaSiga serves as a breeding ground for numerous species that proliferate within the lagoon and then proliferate to the reef outside in all directions thereby perpetuating the abundance of sea life for generations to come. We very much appreciate your respect for these traditions.
Much of the south coast is not Marine Reserve. We recommend that fishermen walk or bus along the coast, meet and ask an elder along the way about it. They’ll point you in the right direction with a big smile.


(Ref. 5/2018) Fiji Airways (formerly known as Air Pacific before being re-branded to its original name in June 2013) has been Fiji's national airline since the 1950s. Their subsidiary, Fiji Link, does most the inter-island flying. Interisland Airways, a division of Aviana Airways and Pacific Island Air are also running some SVU flights.

There's two ways to get to SigaSiga Sands by airplane from Nadi International airport. You can fly to Savusavu (SVU) and we include airport transfers, or you can fly to Labasa (LBS) on the other side of the island. This flight is cheaper and shorter. But it requires a FJ$120 / 90 min taxi ride. We can arrange a comfortable ride for you.
Both flights are VERY scenic and well worth your time. We recommend you book your international flights to include the interisland jaunt. This clears your international bag limits so there’s no extra charge for one CheckIn 23kg/50lb bag on interisland flights. Plus it’s usually cheaper. You can check flight costs at

Gas & Petrol

(Ref. 2014) Current cost at the pump is approx. FJ$ 2.30 / liter or US$ 4.70 / gallon

Groceries & Food

Your Sigasiga Plantation Villa, Seahorse Bungalow and Coco Cottage kitchens are fully equipped to prepare gourmet meals or a midnight snack. Also, you'll love the Indian-Fijian Cuisine our resident staff prepares and delivers to your suite. Please see Menu in our Airbnb Listings.
The Bakeries and various "Supermarkets" offer a decent variety of food, drink and pastries. The farmer's "Market" offers a great selection of fruits, vegetables and Kava from local farmers at very reasonable prices. There are also some imported fruits and veggies that cost more. The Savusavu Wine Market offers an extraordinary variety of wines and spirits as well as gourmet snacks and food items. Next door to the wine market is the largest "supermarket", Max Val U, which caters more to foreigners than the others. There are 3 meat markets in town.

Hotel - Nadi

There is a medium priced hotel right opposite the Nadi airport entrance which works just fine for us. It's called Fiji Gateway Hotel (approx. FJ$225/night, ref. 2019). They've got two nice pools, a bar with TV, live music often, restaurant, and very nice rooms. FJ$ 120-180 / night (Ref. 09/2013). I wouldn't worry about reservations but wouldn't hurt to call ahead. They have complimentary airport shuttles. There is also the TokaToka Hotel next door, they are in similar price range.
As an affordable back up, the Tanoa Hotel is 5 minutes toward Nadi town and fits similar description. The more extravagant option near Nadi would be First Landing. There are also the "Big 5" brand name 5 Star hotels in Denarau including names like Hyatt, Radisson, Westin, Sofitel and World Mark.

Hotel - Suva

Affordable (mid range price) and clean, we recommend the Best Western Suva Motor Inn or the Novatel on the other side of town. For the more budget-minded, the Capricorn Hotel Suva is conveniently located downtown. The more extravagant options are Holiday-Inn or Grand Pacific Hotel* (*Recommended)


SigaSiga Sands is located near Savusavu on Fiji's second largest island, Vanua Levu. It is a spectacular scenic 35-45 minute flight from Nadi International Airport (NAN) to Savusavu (SVU) Airport and a 10 min. drive from SVU Airport to SigaSiga Sands. An alternative way to get to SigaSiga is to fly into Labasa Airport (LBS). It's about 90 min. drive "home" from there. We can arrange your transfer from LBS to SigaSiga Sands. Their cost is FJ$ 120 on arrival at SigaSiga.

  1. The Savusavu hospital is located in town 11 km / 7 miles from SigaSiga and serves as the general doctor for the community at large. The hospital provides free services to citizens. Charges to foreigners are quite reasonable. Services are limited.
  2. There's also the private Savusavu Medical Center, located in town on Hot Springs Hotel road. Their services are charged and rates are reasonable. A check-up or minor injury might be FJ$20-50 including prescription. There are a couple in-patient beds for minor surgery patients.
  3. More serious cases are transported to Labasa on the other side of the island or flown to Suva Private Hospital.
  4. Very urgent cases are flown to New Zealand (3 hour flight) or Australia (3-5 hour flight)
  5. Travel Insurance is recommended.

The tropics, as you may know, (between 23.5 degrees latitude either side of the equator), are famous for the "mozzies". The vast majority of guests never complain about mozzies here. Their presence depends mostly on rainy weather and lack of wind. So the weather is a big influence. We recommend bringing non-toxic type repellent. We do our best to control them including the following:

  • We maintain clean grounds
  • We maintain good window screens (all windows and doors are tightly screened)
  • Mosquito nets are available for beds but rarely needed
  • We provide coils which can be burned like incense and are quite effective for outdoors
  • We also provide backup repellent although we recommend you bring your favorite with you. It's also available in stores here.

Some resorts spray poison throughout their land in an effort to control the mozzies. These same resorts supply insect repellent to their guests because the mozzies are ever present. Exceptions would be in the driest, hottest parts of the country. Here at SigaSiga, we pride ourselves in maintaining a strong environmental awareness in everything we do. We treasure the birds, flowers, crabs and reef system that make this such a magical, natural wonderland. So we do not participate in this exercise in futility by spraying poison.
SigaSiga Sands experiences a fairly consistent breeze of 10-20 knots throughout the year. This helps minimize the nuisance. Some people are simply more sensitive than others. In fact, some people seem to be "mozzie magnets". For these unfortunate few, we do our best to coach them to minimize any negative impact. Some believe Vitamin B complex helps. Search online for Healthy Repellent options.

Payments / PayPal

We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. If you have an aversion to online payment systems, no problem. Feel free to call us directly with your credit card details.


There is a good consistent supply of fresh water prawns, rock and mud crabs (seasonal) and plenty of fresh fish to choose from at the local "Market" and several Fish Shops in town.


There are about a dozen eateries in town which offer Fijian, Indian, Chinese, and western cuisine at very reasonable prices. Generally, the prices range from 6-15 FJ$ with specials in the 25-35 FJ$ per meal. The Captains Cafe and Captains Table Restaurants are good consistent quality food and are located in the Copra Shed Bldg. The Surf-n-Turf Restaurant is Savusavu's best with prices to match.
Nearby Koro Sun Resort (just 3km / 1.5mi from SigaSiga) is very friendly to outside visitors. They have daily Happy Hour and Lovo Night usually held once per week is a special opportunity to see the Meke (pronounced May-kay), the Fijian Dance Celebration. "Lovo" is the traditional cooking done underground. They provide a nice buffet style dinner and their charge is 60 FJ$ pp including the show. KoroSun also welcomes our guests for lunch or dinner anytime. Advance reservations are required. (Namale Resort, owned by Tony Robbins, the famous motivational speaker/author, is located nearby but they cater exclusively to their own guests. Cousteau Resort, located 8km the other side of town - about a 30 min. drive - sometimes allows outsiders for Lunch/Dinner by reservation only.

And don't forget our very own Indo-Fijian Cuisine menu that will delight your senses at very reasonable prices. We deliver your lunch and dinner fresh and hot to your suite.

Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Savusavu is a great opportunity to offer community support if you're looking for something to do. The Club meets at Hot Springs Hotel weekly every Tuesday. Some exceptions include holidays or Dinner Meetings at other restaurants. We gather for Talanoa (talk story) at 17:30 (5:30pm). Meeting begins promptly at 18:00 (6pm).

Swimming & Snorkeling

Swimming can be had at SigaSiga 3 ways:

  1. At high tide, you can float or play around right in front on the sandy shore. Very warm water about 1m/3ft deep
  2. At low tide, you can walk out over the sand bar to the reef's edge and enjoy the fantastic snorkeling lagoon protected by another outer reef.
  3. At any tide, walk 5-10 minutes down the beach to the natural swimming lagoon which is just 30m/100ft off the beach. This natural gem of the sea has a gradual, sandy entry and bottoms out at about 6m/20ft. Comfortable for all ages.

Mask and snorkels are happily provided free of charge. (Depending on how much you plan to snorkel, you may want to bring your favorite mask to enjoy the best fit. But most people get on fine with the selection we have) We do not provide fins or gloves. Consistent with international conservation standards, we discourage use of these as they tend to assist in destroying the reef. We look forward to assisting you to understand and enjoy this natural wonderland. We are doing our best to protect this special reef for generations to come. As we introduce more guests to this spot, it becomes a bigger challenge. Vinaka! Thank you for your help and cooperation. Thank you for using only "Reef Safe" sunscreen or better yet, please wear rash guards (slim fitting long sleeve water friendly attire)
Please read our Snorkeler's Pledge to see how we hope to protect this very unique lagoon and ocean environment.

Types of Fish while snorkeling: Our snorkeling lagoon is a unique double reef formation where the outside break calms the open ocean creating a semi-open lagoon and awesome fishery. You're likely to see large schools of small to medium size fish PLUS humpheaded wrasse, reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, sea anemone/clown fish, butterflies, wrasses, parrots, puffers, triggers, stick/needles, damsels, Moorish idols, spades, brittle and blue starfish, snappers, and baby barracuda, turtle and lobster. Some scuba diver guests have said snorkeling here is better than some dives.


Leaving a gratuity is not a cultural tradition in Fiji, generally speaking. Fijians provide service expecting nothing in return. The exception might be in 5 star resorts like Denarau where tourists don't know any better and do so without thinking. This sets a precedent in those establishments that may be hard to ignore. In some establishments in Fiji, you may see a "Christmas Fund" box at the check-out counter. These "tips" are typically spent on the yearend annual party for the staff. Otherwise, please do not feel compelled to pay more than billed anywhere in Fiji.

  1. Taxis are abundant, courteous, punctual and affordable. Examples (Ref. 10/2022):
    • SigaSiga to Town: FJ$ 15
    • SigaSiga to Airport: FJ$ 15
    • SigaSiga to Labasa Airport: FJ$ 150
    • Whole Day tour by taxi: FJ$ 250; Half Day Tour: $150
    The drivers are polite, usually early, carry your bags, pay for the fuel, change the tire if needed and you get a chauffeur so you can enjoy the scenery. Can be better than renting a car. Remember, SigaSiga is pronounced “sing-a, sing-a”. If you can say it, the SSV driver can find it. After dark, many taxi drivers start drinking kava and go into relaxation mode for the night. If you'll need a taxi after 9:PM, it's a good idea to schedule a ride in advance. We have driver recommendations in your cottage compendium.
  2. Shuttle service: For short runs between SigaSiga and Koro Sun Resort or Wasawasa at Namale Resort or elsewhere, we provide shuttle service for FJ$ 10 each way at any time. Taxis charge substantially more because they are based in Savusavu.
  3. Bus service from Sigasiga to town: We are not aware of a "bus schedule" per se. Buses runs on Fiji Time and are usually bi-hourly (except Sundays) for FJ$ 2 each way. If you're taking the bus from Savusavu town to SigaSiga, please note the buses tend to be quite busy when leaving town and may fill up early. So we recommend planning a taxi ride back home.
    Bus service from Savusavu to Labasa: Cost FJ$ 10 (Ref. 10/2022) Buses run hourly Mon-Sat between/from 7:30 with last bus leaving around 15:00/15:30. When it's full, the bus may be leave early. Sunday SSV-LBS service: 7:30, 9:30, 12:00, 14:30, 15:30. All buses can depart early (when they're already full) or arrive late. Service is reasonably dependable and delays are usually not for long. All times are subject to change without notice.
  4. Mini-Bus: There's also a mini-bus passenger van that goes daily from SSV at 8:00 and 16:00 for FJ$ 12.50pp. Departs from Savusavu Westpac Bank at 8:00 sharp. (Raj 924-7207)
  5. Rental Cars: While visiting Savusavu since 1987 for 6-12 week trips, we only rented a vehicle twice for a total of a week because the taxi service is so good. However, there are fleets of nice rental vehicles available. James Car Rentals, North Pole Rentals, Avis and Budget all serve Savusavu. Prices range between FJ$ 100-240 / day. Most vehicles offered are 4 wheel drives.
  6. Bonus Tip: Taxis returning to Savusavu after dropping a fare rider, may pick you if you flag them. They customarily only charge the equivalent of bus fare per person. So while you're waiting for the bus, you may wish to watch for a taxi and flag them. A returning taxi may not stop for you if they are full or already have another fare or are on their way to another pickup. Taxi fares as of Sep. 2022: Labasa (LBS) airport to Sigasiga Sands costs FJ$ 150. SigaSiga Sands to Savusavu town costs FJ$ 15.

Fiji's summer typically runs December through April and tends to be hotter and wetter. May through November tends to be cooler and dryer. Of course, this is the tropics. So the weather is usually more humid than many people are accustomed to. SigaSiga Sands is on the south coast of the island and the trades tend to blow from the southeast. So we usually have a nice breeze keeping things fresh and cool. Peak season as far as the weather is concerned is the winter months of June/July/August although the cool, dry weather often goes into January or February. Temperatures year-round range from 18-31°C or 70-85°F. Our motto is - Anytime's the Right Time to be in Fiji!


We are not aware of any vaccinations required prior to arriving in Fiji. However, this could be an issue if you are traveling from a country with an extraordinary health danger.
Fiji grants most countries of the world a 4 month Tourist Visa on arrival with no prior arrangements needed. Standard International traveling exceptions: 1) Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from time of travel. 2) You need to be able to prove you have passage paid for departing Fiji. If you are planning to do any type of work in Fiji, for compensation or not, we highly recommend you contact the Fiji Embassy in advance to get a Work Permit or Volunteer Visa. Fiji is quite sensitive to people working without proper documentation. One reason for this may be their concern for protecting citizen jobs.